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VTU´s yield enhancing Pichia pastoris expression platform

Broadest toolbox and most versatile technology platform

Exclusive, powerful and high-yielding

By applying VTU´s yield enhancing Pichia pastoris expression technology researchers at VTU have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to rapidly produce a wide range of different proteins (serum proteins, cytokines, Fabs and other antibody derived fragments, scaffold proteins, HSA-fusion proteins, Fc-fusion proteins and enzymes) by full exploitation of VTU´s protein expression technologies and optimized procedures for high-throughput expression strain development. 

VTU´s expression technology platform is based on the following technological advances:

1. Proprietary technology - VTU´s exclusive AOX1 promoter libraries provide an unprecedented genetic diversity with superior regulatory properties for fine tuning of gene expression by selecting the perfect match of promoter/target combinations.
2. FTO tools - VTU´s in-house modular plasmid system and platform strains enable the optimization of protein production and provide more flexibility to fulfill the different requirements of various expression tasks.

3. Optimized procedures - VTU´s team applies highly elaborated and time-saving procedures, based on a pool approach for transformation and a high-throughput cultivation - & screening regime allowing for maximization of output.


Key components of VTU´s Pichia pastoris protein expression platform